Likewise Team

Justin Unger
Founder & Executive Director 

Justin has been committed to the local church for over 12 years as a worship pastor.  Passionate about unifying the Body of Christ with the gift of music, he has learned to stand firm amidst the cultural and traditional challenges that many churches face in regards to worship and the Sunday gathering.  He is a pastor of pastors and has a heart to disciple, equip and encourage both young and seasoned worship leaders  that are called to serve the local church.
Justin is the Worship Pastor at Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix AZ, and serves also as a consultant for churches that are struggling to bring all generations together in worship.
He is married to his wife Falon, and together they have 4 beautiful children.

Lead Director – Arizona

Josh has been leading worship and growing as a pastor for the last ten years. A recent graduate of Grand Canyon University with a BA in Christian Studies, he has a heart for discipleship, particularly for investing in young worship leaders. Josh is currently serving as a worship leader at Heights Church in Prescott, Arizona as well as Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix.

Management & Networking 

David has been involved in various church, artist and non-profit ministries over the last 20 years.  He desires to encourage, support and equip those in ministry around him.  Through his various business ownership and management roles,  he brings accountability and organization to the operations side of this ministry.
David currently works in residential lending as a loan originator.  He has over 18 years of experience in residential and commercial lending. 

Nina Waters

Nina has been serving in various ministries in the local church for over 30 years.  She has a heart to serve the body of Christ and loves helping others.  Nina worked as a legal secretary and in the recruiting department of a large Dallas, TX law firm for 10 years.  She and her husband, Tommy, have owned their own business for 18 years.  The organizational skills, attention to detail, financial and administrative experience she has gained over the years bring a much needed asset to the Likewise team.  Nina and Tommy have been married for 39 years and enjoy spending time with their daughter, son in law and four beautiful grandchildren.


“The Likewise Worship Collective exists for the purpose of discipling worship leaders that God is calling to shepherd His people. We aim to equip and train followers of Jesus and gifted musicians to lead humbly and creatively in their contexts for the purpose of unifying the local church through music and worship.” 

One of the goals of this collective is to raise up a new generation of worship leaders who are more than talented song leaders. The church needs pastors. The church needs shepherds. The church needs gifted, faithful apprentices of Jesus who are devoted to seeing kingdom come in their homes, in their churches, and in their cities.

We also desire to pour into and refresh seasoned worship pastors that have hit a ceiling or are even at a point of burn out. By giving them practical tools, resources, and fresh vision, they will be able to re-connect with their church family in new and creative ways.


The Likewise Worship Collective is committed to the local church. We believe that there is a great need for worship leaders who know how to bridge the generational gap between worshippers, as well as people from every nation, tribe, and tongue. God commands His people to sing together (Col. 3:16-17) and the worship leader is given the task of combating the consumerist culture we find ourselves immersed in. God desires that His people worship in unity and it is the task of the worship pastor to lead and encourage the congregation to lay aside personal preference so that they may be unified. The older generations must embrace and welcome the youth of the church in worship while the younger generations must learn to honor the history and wisdom of the older generations. We believe that there is a great need for the young and old to come together. 


The Likewise Worship Collective is an affiliate of Mission Create, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is a program that consists of 12 sessions (once per month). During these sessions, members of the collective will learn about different aspects of worship leading and philosophy such as pastoral leadership, service flow, song selection, the importance of visuals, telling the story of the Gospel, and character and integrity. Half of each gathering is devoted to using creative outlets in community. Members will have the opportunity to write and rearrange songs together as well as discover and develop their skills both as a musician and as a leader. Once per year, active members will be invited to a retreat designed to encourage, recharge, and prepare the hearts of each member of the collective for full-time ministry.

The heart and dream of this ministry is to be a place where worship leaders will be stretched and challenged to consider and wrestle with what it means to lead worship pastorally and contextually. The collective strives to work alongside local churches, christian schools & universities, colleges, and seminaries to develop and send out worship leaders to churches in need.