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Why Pastors Need Soul Care – Ted Wueste

Author – Ted Wueste – Director of SFSAZ

There is crisis in the church today. It’s not that people in our churches are not committed or consumeristic or mirroring the world. It’s a leadership crisis. In the late 1970s, author and professor Henri Nouwen made the following observation in his book, The Wounded Healer:

“The first and most basic task of the minister of tomorrow is toRead More

All We Like Sheep – Justin Unger

AUTHOR – Justin Unger

All through scripture we (the Church body) are referred to as “Sheep”. If you really stop and think about it for a moment, you will quickly see all the incredible similarities.  Over and over the Lord speaks to us as a good and faithful Shepherd, knowing that we are completely hopeless and helpless without His care and protection over us.Read More

The Art of Song Selection

AUTHOR –  Josh James

Worship leaders/pastors are teachers. The fact of the matter is that music is one of the most important parts of church gatherings. From my own experience growing up in church, I left the gathering singing a song we sang together more often than I would remember large chunks of the sermon or message.   READ MORE…

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Four Lies Female Worship Leaders Believe

AUTHOR – Jaleesa McCreary

It is easy for women to experience confusion in their roles as worship leader and/or background vocalists in the Church.

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An Obituary For The American Church

AUTHOR – Mike Breen

From time to time, I will have the people I’m discipling write out their own spiritual obituary—how the enemy would take them out…

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